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Wheelchair Ramp Rentals

We’ve all experienced those times in our lives when a ramp would have made things a whole lot easier.

Whether it’s an annual family gathering over a weekend or an accident that temporarily leaves a loved one unable to navigate stairs, we can help. Our modular ramps can provide temporary accessibility for wheelchairs or scooters or just make it easier for those that have difficulty climbing stairs.

Residential or commercial applications, our ramps work equally as well inside a facility as they do outside. Stage access is just one way our ramps have been utilized.

One phone call and we’ll come to your location and work with you to determine if a ramp is the solution to your challenge.

Our ramps are available in 36″ or 48” width, constructed from an aluminum frame with reinforced polypropylene decking and aluminum railing. They’re great looking, extremely durable and 100% Canadian made and engineered to fully comply with AODA Standards.

If one of our ramps will work at your location, it can be easily set up and then removed with little or no evidence that it was ever there. You tell us when you need it and for how long. We’ll take care of set up and removal.

Let us help make your next gathering or function more easily accessible to everyone.

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  • Tilley - Toronto
  • Private residence - Toronto
  • Waterloo
  • Bridgepoint-Health-Center - Toronto
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  • Loblaws - Toronto
  • Rumpel Felt Company - Zehr Levesque Group - Kitchener