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Residential Ramps

Our Residential Wheelchair Ramps are built to the same standards and specifications as our Commercial Ramps. They’re 100% Canadian made and designed to fully comply with the AODA Built Environment Standard. The ramps are constructed from an Extruded Aluminum Frame and Railing with a non-slip, Reinforced Polypropylene Decking. Our wheelchair ramps are extremely durable, maintenance free and designed to stand up to our Canadian weather year after year.


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Durability is important however aesthetics was another concern. We know adding a ramp in front of your home can be an emotional decision. We designed our ramps with a slim profile and added a neutral powder coating so they’ll blend into your homes facade as much as possible. As proud of them as we are, we don’t want them to be the first thing people see as they’re passing by.

Other benefits include portability. Our modular ramps do not require a building permit in most Municipalities. Should you decide to sell your home, they are portable and can be easily removed or relocated. We offer relocation assistance as well as making any necessary alterations to your ramp to fit your new residence.

Because of the amazing durability of our wheelchair ramps, we also provide a buy- back program. Although our ramp system is very flexible and adaptable, they are custom fitted to each facility. In an effort to alleviate any concerns with removal of the ramp, we’ll buy it back. We include a depreciation schedule with your purchase documents. Your old friend will continue to be of service either through our rental inventory or find a much needed new home at a reduced cost. If your requirements are shorter term we have a rental program (Rent-a-Ramp.ca) to accommodate your temporary accessibility needs.

Great looks, amazing durability, long lasting and maintenance free. AODA Built Environment compliant, portability, buy-back-program, rent, lease and finance. We’ve tried to build as much of everything we could think of into our wheelchair ramp system and make them accessible to you through our rental, leasing and financing programs. We believe we have the best product and program available. We want to be Your Accessibility Solutions Provider.