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Platform Lift 1

Platform Lift 2

Serenity Health Care Products is a Canadian manufacturer of high quality, innovative lift systems designed for the Canadian environment. Designed for extreme outdoor conditions, the lifts meet and exceed industry standards CSA B613-00 and ASME A18.1 along with ADA requirements. Serenity Health Care Products are designed and certified by mechanical and electrical engineers that have performed extensive testing under heavy usage in both hard cold and warm temperatures with comprehensive, documented results.

Product concept and design is a result of over 7 years of infield experience and more than 25 years of industry experience. The Platform Lifts are compact in nature and incorporate a combination of materials in their construction including Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Plexi-Glass. Use of these different materials not only makes the lifts extremely durable but also visually appealing for years after they are installed.

Platform Lifts from Serenity Health Care Products are designed and built right here to provide reliable performance in our Canadian climate year around. They are well built but not overbuilt. They are dependable, good looking in any environment and accessiblypriced. Serenity is the only liftmanufacturer to offer custom design to meet a customer’s specific need. What else would you expect from a Canadian lift manufacturer?

Serenity currently offers 3 lifts. The VPL-SH1, SH2 and SH3. The SH1 is a full size lift with an industry standard 750lb lift capacity. The SH2 and SH3 are the Serenity Mini Platform Lifts and are truly unique in the market place. They are compact in size and capacity and designed as a personal lift for individuals with limited mobility using a cane, rollator or walker. They have a 400lb capacity and provide a cost efficient solution for anyone who finds it difficult to use stairs but does not need a full size lift for a wheelchair or scooter. All models can be installed indoors or out.

Serenity Vertical Platform Lift : Model SH1 AC & DC Power

Serenity SH1

Serenity SH1

VPL-SH1 ACSpecifications:

  • AC 115 VAC @ 60 Hz
  • .75 kW / 1 HP AC (reversible) single phase/capacitor – start motor

VPL-SH1 Shared Features:

  • Lightweight vertical lift
  • Rated load 750 lbs (341 kg)
  • Maximum lifting height of 52 inches (1320 mm)
  • Platform Size: 54 x 34 inches (1370 mm x 863 mm)
  • Speed 1.5 inches/sec (7.5 feet/min)
  • Drive system single worm gear with tooth belt drive
  • Safety features include emergency stop button and audible alarm under pan sensors

Accessories Available:

  • Remote Control
  • Landing Gate includes: GAL -Lock
  • Call Send
  • Landing Gate Sensor

VPL-SH1 DCSpecifications:

  • DC 24V
  • 600 W ¾ HP DC (reversible) motor (600w-900w)

In compliance with the following regulations/standards:

  • ASME A18.1 safety standard for platform lifts and stairway chairlifts
  • CSA –B355-00 lift for persons with physical disabilities
  • ADDG (Americans with disabilities act accessibility guidelines) where applicable
  • Meets and exceeds CSA-B613 guidelines

Quality parts include Stainless steel and Plexi glass construction

  • Weather protected
  • Maintenance free
  • Indoor/Outdoor residential use
  • Made in Canada

SerenityMini Platform Lift

VPL-SH2 / VPL-SH3 Features & specifications

  • Lightweight personal vertical lift (for use with
  • Rollators, canes, & walkers) or (with seat)
  • 400lbs lift capacity
  • Unit weight under 230 LBS
  • Maximum lifting height to 51 inches (1320MM)
  • Platform size STD 34”X33” (865mm X840mm)
  • Wireless remote control
  • Power 24 DC
  • Indoor/ Outdoor residential use